A member of the Professional Register of Turners

Hello fellow woodturners from all around the world,

Would you like to turn as I do, using the same techniques and tools - conventional and modern grinds of bevels? You will learn all that is appropriate for the level of work you are involved with. There aren't any secrets - I tell it all!

The way I turn takes the strain and tension out of turning and makes it great fun and a truly therapeutic activity, and gives you the opportunity to become a most successful turner, all the way to professional standard if you wish to go that far. Or a happy rewarding recreation. There is a lot of information and advice in the catalogue, as it is my passion to help you succeed. Take time to absorb. It is all for you, to help you feel confident about the course or tools you may choose.

I offer courses at several levels to suit the individual, running for 3, 5 & 7 days.

The Three Day courses give reasonable time for the initial development and understanding of turning techniques. The Five Day courses are especially recommended as students usually make a quantum leap whatever their previous perceived ability. And the Seven Day course created in 2002 to really cover a broad spectrum.