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'Stoughton Cross' our hamlet, has it's own medieval cross and well, an ancient pilgrim stopover both Christian and pre-Christian. Stone crosses are reputed to have been built over standing stones, or to replace them, and mark ley-line crossings and centres. We are certainly lucky to have such a pleasant and healing energy here. The name Stoughton as with Stockton and Stockland has some Celtic meaning relating to stones stuck into the ground. Crickham is a hamlet just around the corner from us. 'Crick' is Celtic for stone, derived from the word 'Carreg'. So 'settlement by the stones'.

We now know there was a very large stone circle here. Regretfully there aren't any stones left standing, but the peaceful, healing energy is still prevalent and remarked on by many of our guests. A number of the stones have been incorporated into houses and barns in the area and dowsers have found that the medieval stone cross was cut from standing stones and the well was built at the same time as the circle.

The location was recognised by pre-Christians and Christians alike, and still is today with a Christian ritual every year at the cross. We have constructed a small stone circle on our land, which is 'open' for guests to sit in the space and meditate or relax.