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Three in a Bed

Why did we decide to take part in ‘Britain’s B & Bs’? It was to be a celebration of Bed & Breakfast in Britain. We feel had they have kept that title and philosophy it would have been a better series. What we objected to was, what I have named the BBBs – bitching, backbiting and bickering. It really isn’t necessary, nor desirable. We weren’t out to win – didn’t like it being a competition in the first place. Winning/competing is a shallow way of behaving – better to raise the level, do the very best we all can, regardless of what other people are doing, and not trampling all over other people and their feelings.

Well we have had so many emails, Facebook contacts, post cards, letters and phone calls, bookings and promises of bookings. A number of folk saying the last one of the series, was the very best. The reason being, we remained gracious (so we are told) and didn’t get sucked into the nonsense. As one person in Wedmore village said ‘good for sticking to your principals.’

We are so very grateful for all the kind words – thank you to you all – the real people!

We would also like to thank the programme makers for their graciousness. To have folk in your face for 6 days, with such close proximity is seriously hard work. The repetitive nature of filming can be a real pain. But the crew were very supportive, sensitive and respectful.They were a delight to know.

Three points worth clarifying

There was critiscsm of the mess outside. Well being organic and doing most of the work on the house and 2 acres ourselves, there are always some things undone. It is the natural order – ‘a working rural environment’ that so many people really love. But it was worse than usual because at the time we got the call, in the summer, to do the programme we were working on the outside and had to switch to completing the bedroom suites, which we had planned to do in the winter months. That was fraught in the extreme. Had the other guests posed a question about it, instead of ranting, it would have been far more interesting, and not confrontational.

The spiritual side of things. The comment made that I spend 2 hours a day meditating. Oh, for the time to do that!! Where that idea came from I have no idea. There is also the potentially misconceived idea guests are expected to meditate.

Well most guests aren’t even aware such takes place. Though given the response, there will be information more available in the near future. If folk wish to know, they can read about it and approach us if they choose. It is little different from folk (not) expecting to turn wood on their arrival, nor work in the garden!

The breakfast debacle. What we had planned to do was show our extensive menu the night before and discuss the options on camera. One couple went to bed, the other did not want to do that. Their loss! We kind of felt the Nut Tree Farm breakfast experience had been high jacked. Comments about Braised Tofu being tasteless, is just plain silly. Someone must have flavour blur! And what of the interesting range sauces and condiments they could have tried, if they chose to! Also the real oak smoked bacon, and award winning locally made sausages……..

Anyway, we are eternally grateful to our fellow B & B owners on 3 in a Bed. They have inadvertently, increased the interest and bookings at Nut Tree Farm, with almost everyone rooting for us! The other two couples were natural hosts.

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." –Lao Tzu

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